Smith’s Point

Smith's Point trailSmith’s Point is a treat whenever you can get out there. Jutting out into the channel between Madaket Harbor and Tuckernuck Island, Smith’s Point alternates between including Esther’s Island, so named when Hurricane Esther in September 1961 cleaved off half of Smith’s Point from the rest of Nantucket. Although we islanders still refer to Esther’s Island as Smith’s Point, this temporary island has separated and reconnected to Nantucket several times over the centuries. Smith’s Point, Nantucket’s westernmost sand extremity is a great hike to see gray seals during the winter, see nesting piping plovers, least terns and American oystercatchers during the summer and catch a glimpse of Tuckernuck Island.

This is the longest hike Nantucket Walkabout does. For the full hike out and back, allow at least 90 minutes of trail time not counting getting to and from the trailhead. The hike can be longer or shorter depending on the group’s time constraints.

This hike costs $40 for adults and $20 for children 12 and under. Check the Hike Calendar to see when we are hiking the Smith’s Point trail and to book it. To arrange for a private hike on this route, call or email us for our rates and to discuss your hiking needs.

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Biking to this hike?
Get $5 OFF the cost of the hike when you meet us there by bike or bus (use promo code TRAILHEAD at checkout)! For those biking to this trailhead, it’s around 5.4 miles to the trailhead on the Madaket bike path from Caton Circle at the top of Main Street. Once you reach the end of Madaket Road in Madaket, go right on to Ames Avenue, cross over Hither Creek on the wooden Millie’s Bridge and follow the road as it arcs sharply to the left after passing through a grove of pitch pines. When you reach an intersection, go right and at the t-intersection you come to, go left onto Massachusetts Avenue and bike over the small shack on the harbor side of the road. However, there’s really no place to lock your bikes, you may want to lock your bikes at Millie’s Restaurant just before the end of Madaket Road and walk the rest of the way. The walk takes around 10 minutes and is .4 of a mile from the start of Ames Avenue.

Taking a Shuttle to this hike?
madaketTake the NRTA/The WAVE using the The Madaket Route. This bus departs for Madaket from in front of the Whaling Museum at 13 Broad Street across from the Sunken Ship and the Rose ‘n Crown. Get off at the End of Madaket Road stop. ***NOTE: The bus route ends in front of Millie’s Restaurant and a small convenience store, both seasonal shops. We can meet you at Millie’s parking lot if you let us know!If you want to walk to the trailhead from the bus stop, follow the bike directions above from Ames Avenue onward. It’s about a 10-minute walk. This bus route operates May 27-Sept. 11, 2016.

Logging your steps.
If you’re counting your steps with a fitness/activity tracker, this hike offers around 8,200 steps.