Before You Hike

The Hikes
Read each hike description on our website to get a sense of each trail. All hikes from pick up to drop off generally last 1 to 2 hours and cover no more than 3 miles. There can be slight variations to the hike trail, depending on the energy level, weather, and interests of the group. For answers to common questions, like what to bring, please see the FAQs page.

Unless you’re booking a custom hike for a group of three or more that wants to go on a specific hike, the hike scheduled for each day is the hike you’re going on. If you’re booking a trip just for yourself or with a friend, you’ll likely be joining a group hike formed of whomever signs up for a hike on that day. Nantucket Walkabout only takes small groups of people out to conservation land both to lessen the impact on the island environment and to provide a richer, more intimate learning experience on the hike.

For each hike, Nantucket Walkabout will pick you up at the Handlebar Cafe in downtown Nantucket and drop you off there when the hike is over. Because most of the parking areas for these properties have very limited parking, and because our van only carries up to 11 passengers, we strive to keep the hiking group to that number so we don’t crowd out other people who need a space to park to explore a property on their own where we’re hiking. However, if a hike is full and more people want to join us by getting to the trailhead on their own, we’ll allow one carload or group of bikers. Those who choose to bike to the trailhead get a $5 discount on the hike (use promo code TRAILHEAD at checkout). Directions to each hike’s trailhead and mileages are at the end of each hike description. A few of our hike trailheads are reachable by Nantucket’s seasonal shuttle bus provided by the Nantucket Regional Transit Authority, now dubbed The WAVE. As with biker-hikers, information on bus routes and stops is at the end of each walk where applicable.

Nantucket Walkabout reserves the right to cancel any hike depending on the weather or low number of hikers booked for that hike. Generally, the minimum number of hikers we need for a hike is three, so check our main page, Facebook page or Twitter account for updates on hike status. Any changes or cancellations will be posted on the site and on our Facebook page up to 2-hours before the hike is scheduled to begin.

Mill Hill Hikes
Through friends, local media and Facebook, you may have heard about three guided natural history hikes sponsored by the Mill Hill Press, publisher of “Nantucket: A Natural History,” that happened on June 29, July 27, and August 24, 2014. Although these hikes were led by our guide, Peter Brace, author of this book, these hikes are in no way connected to Nantucket Walkabout. It’s possible that a similar hike sponsored by Mill Hill will be scheduled for the season in 2015. If you’re interested in these hikes, please contact Mill Hill at 508-228-2525 to sign up for any or all of this Mill Hill sponsored hikes. The cost is $20 for members and $30 for non-members.

We want everyone to walk away from their Nantucket natural history hiking experience wanting more!