How do I book and pay for a hike?
You can see which hikes are planned for which day of the week and book your hike by clicking the Hike Calendar. All hikes require a booking reservation to keep a headcount, but you can choose to pay online through the booking process or pay our guide on the day of your hike with a credit card, check or cash. Nantucket Walkabout accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We also now accept day-of payment by chip credit cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay.


What should I expect to see on a hike?
We explore all parts of Nantucket, but generally you can expect to see geological formations, rare plants and wildflowers, migratory song birds, shorebirds, the occasional white-tailed deer, spectacular views of the harbor and ocean, ponds, swamps, raptors and new trails to explore on your own.

How many people will I be hiking with?
The more the merrier but within reason is how we like to look at these hikes, so you can typically expect a maximum of 11 hikers in the van and possibly another two to six people traveling to the hike in their own vehicle. The latter option must be cleared by Nantucket Walkabout in advance.

How long are the hikes?
We can make the hike as long or as short as you have the time and energy for, but 1 to 2 miles is about as far as we like to walk on the average hike. There could be slight variations to the hike, depending on the mood of the group and the weather.

What kind of physical shape do I have to be in?
Nantucket is fairly flat and our hikes are usually no longer than two miles, unless the group is eager to explore a little more. Pretty much anyone in reasonable physical condition can do these walks. We do not move at brisk pace, but instead stop frequently for explanations on what you’re seeing along the way.

Can I get all or some of my 10,000 daily steps?
While we have no official 10,000-step hikes, 10,000 steps or, five miles, being the distance the Fitbit company, which makes several fitness/activity trackers, recommends we walk each day, most of our hikes are under 5,000 steps. The Smith’s Point hike logs in at approximately 8,200 steps, but because we walk in the sand the entire hike, it’s likely that you’re going to get the same or better calories-burned results on this beach hike as you would walking on hard ground. Although there are more than a dozen devices out there with pedometer functions that appear to be between 90 to 95 percent accurate, Nantucket Walkabout prefers Fitbit. Our FitBit step counts are listed in each hike’s page and on their respective reservation pages.


Will you pick me up?
The white Nantucket Walkabout van will pick you up at the designated time of your hike in downtown Nantucket in front of the Handlebar Cafe at 15 Washington Street across from the Greenhound Bus Station. OR, you may wish to ride your bike or take the NRTA/The Wave shuttle bus to meet us at the trailhead. Take $5 OFF the cost of the hike when you meet us at the trailhead by bike or bus! Use promo code TRAILHEAD at checkout).

Can I drive my own vehicle to the trailhead?
No. Because space is very limited at some trailhead parking lots (fewer than 10 vehicles), we encourage you to either bike, ride the bus, or have us pick you up downtown. Nantucket Walkabout will allow one carpool vehicle to drive and join us at the small parking lots at the trailheads.

Can I bring my bike, or bike to the trailhead?
Yes, and get $5 OFF the cost of the hike when you bike out to meet us at the trailhead (use promo code TRAILHEAD at checkout). Find directions to each trailhead on that hike’s information page. The NRTA/The Wave public shuttle bus can also carry two bikes on its bike rack.

Can I take a bus to the trailhead?
Yes, the NRTA/The Wave public shuttle bus is an inexpensive way to get around the island. Take $5 OFF when you take a bus and meet us at the trailhead (use promo code TRAILHEAD at checkout). Find bus directions to each trailhead on that hike’s information page. The bus runs mid-May to mid-October with some routes ending in September, so check schedules carefully.


What should I bring with me?
A good pair of walking shoes or boots, sun lotion with SPF, bug spray (with DEET is great), camera, water, a snack, plus a light jacket if it looks like rain or you tend to get chilly. EXTRA: If you have them, you may also want to bring a backpack, walking stick, sunglasses, binoculars and compass.

What should I wear?
A good pair of walking shoes or boots is your first and most important choice. Clothing depends on your needs. Nantucket’s weather is significantly affected by the Gulf Stream, which runs north up from the southern tip of Florida bringing with it warmer water tempered by the chilly Labrador Current flowing down from Canada. On average, Nantucket is 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit warmer in the winter than the mainland, and maybe 10 degrees cooler in the summer. During the summer, although Nantucket can be cooler in the morning with a layer of fog over the island, it certainly heats up late morning into the afternoon. Early spring, late fall and winter are usually colder than one might expect. Check the weather before your hike and dress accordingly.

Should I bring my cell phone?
We’re going out into the Nantucket wild and although we realize the need to stay connected, this is a learning experience for everyone. We ask that you please silence all cell phones during our hike, but feel free to use them for taking photos.

Is smoking allowed on hikes?
While we realize it should go without saying that smoking on these hikes is prohibited, we can’t stress enough how important it is that you adhere to this rule. Not only will cigarette, cigar and pipe smoke detract from the natural beauty and aromas of Nantucket’s wild areas as we hike the trails, but the danger of accidentally igniting a wildfire, especially during the drier summer and fall months, is too big a risk for anyone take. Please leave tobacco products, lighters and matches in your pockets.


Are the hikes OK for children?
Because Nantucket Walkabout is all about education, and if your children are OK walking 1 to 2 miles and would be interested in learning about Nantucket’s natural world, please bring them along! You’re also welcome to bring and carry your toddlers and infants. We leave at your discretion as parents whether or not to bring your children on our hikes.

Can I bring my dog?
Nantucket is an extremely dog-friendly island and many of us walk our dogs on conservation and town land all over the island, however dogs can be a distraction on these guided hikes and to other guests. Please leave your dogs at home. However, Nantucket Walkabout Guide Peter Brace will bring his dog, Kismet, on some of the hikes depending on hikers’ preferences.


How does weather affect the hikes?
As with any outdoor activity, whether we go out for hike depends on what’s falling from the sky and how much, wind and temperature. During the spring, fall and winter, Nantucket Walkabout is game for a walk at any time of the day if you are — but during the summer, we prefer to go on hikes during the cooler parts of the day; before 8:30AM and from 4PM until sunset. Only during extreme weather conditions will hikes be cancelled (ie. thunderstorms and downpours). See our Cancellation policy below:

What is your cancellation policy?
Nantucket Walkabout reserves the right to cancel any hike that is deemed unsuitable or unsafe for guests because of weather conditions. You will also be promptly reimbursed. If the hike is cancelled, those who have booked will be notified at least 2 hours before the hike is scheduled to begin. You can check for status changes on hikes on this website and on our Facebook page, or through Twitter or Facebook. You can also call Peter at 508-422-7466 or email him directly.


Can I book a custom hike?
Custom hikes can be as long or short as you like and go to one or more Land Bank properties depending on your needs. Contact us by email or call 508-422-7466 to discuss how you want to customize your hike.

How do I book a school field trip with Nantucket Walkabout?
Contact us by emailing peter@nantucketwalkabout.com, and we’ll discuss your needs and plan an educational trip for your students.

Contact Peter for additional questions at peter@nantucketwalkabout.com or call 508-422-7466.